tb37My entry into Internet Marketing came about really almost by accident. A few years ago, I was out of a job, deciding where I wanted my life to go. One morning, about five years ago, I woke up and decided that I wanted to be an economist. In the meantime, I had to find a way to feed myself, so I looked up a few online courses on HTML, and started puttering around with learning web design. Thus, the first component of my nascent Lucky Libertarian Enterprises online kingdom, LuckyLib eMedia was born.

This was about late 2008. Sometime in 2009, after I had gotten reasonably good at designing simple websites (one of my skills is the ability to learn really fast – this had been both a blessing and a curse as I am naturally curious and have to force myself to stay focused), a friend of mine introduced me to a couple of sites called Yuwie and 6dgr. Basically, they were MySpace knockoffs that acted as MLM’s, paying members part of their advertising revenue as a reward for referrals, several levels deep. I never really got on board with the Yuwie thing, but I went all in on 6dgr, designing my own splash page (even then, I understood the value of standing out) and driving traffic to it. I didn’t even really know what I was doing at the time, but navigating Google was easier in those days.

Well, I built a large downline, but a funny thing happened on the way to success…the company folded. It really shouldn’t have surprised me, economics major that I was. They were simply not bringing in a large enough amount of ad revenue to pay out what they were paying. No big, I figured. I had built an organization before; I would take what I learned and build another one. Guess what; it wasn’t as easy as it seemed, and worse, I knew little to nothing about building a list, and all those loyal members of my downline…GONE! I had no way to contact them.

Well, the fever was now in me, and I was determined to learn. Hpowever, it was not necessarily for myself that I wanted to succeed at this. I happen to believe that society is healthier and the world more at peace when there are greater numbers of successful, idependently wealthy people in it.

With this in mind, I set out to do three things: 1) take my background in economics and learn to apply these principles to the online arena, 2) find myself a mentor to ease the learning curve, and 3) teach others how to use these principles.

This is what Lucky Libertarian Enterprises and, really, Tarnell Brown is all about. While this blog mostly focuses on using content (free and paid) to build authority and levraging this authority into profitable relationships, I am more than happy to lend an ear to questions outside of this focus and provide answers, whether through Skype, email, a Hangout, or even in an email series customized to my readers’ comments and questions.

Well, that’s enough about me for the moment. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future, and becoming a major resource in your personal success story!