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These are the products that are readily available. More are soon to come, so this page will be updated accordingly…

Beyond CommissionBeyond Commission – While offering great free content is the key to generating authority and building long lasting relationship, it ain’t what’s gonna get you paid. Affiliate marketing and network marketing are great ways to monetize that relationship, but the competition is fierce and the commissions, while lucrative, limited.

Who do you suppose gets paid the most; the stockbroker or the person who put the fund together? Similarly, who makes the most money – the affiliate or the IBO, or the product creator? For a product with a good sales volume, even if the creator offers the majority of each sale in affiliate commissions, he makes so much more on the volume of combined sales. Want to find out how that can be you?


Get Beyond Commission now…==>

Speedy Profit CreatorSpeedy Profit Creator – Sometimes, when we’re new to the whole creating paid content thing, we need a little help.  Keyword research, writing a good book, putting together sales copy, creating a high converting sales page….Sometimes, life would be so much simpler if you could buy all of these things and obtain the rights to repurpose them…

Of course, that was a shallowly disguised lead-in to just such a solution. Speedy Profit Creator is a a combination training and Private Label product site. I won’t get into all the details, but you would be well served to check it out:

Create Speedy Profits today!!==>


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While this is indeed a blog about content, authority and relationships, it ain’t called Manic Marketing Madness for nothing. I do offer a variety of products aimed at making your life as a Seller Of Things Online easier, and I also belong to several programs myself that I recommend as resources to make your journey […]

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