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In order to succeed, you need reliable, robust web hosting. Insty is a lightning fast, Amazon platform based hosting provider with 99.9% uptime and wickedly efficient support. It is built with those who market online in mind, and automatically comes optimized for WordPress, the world’s leading Content Management System (CMS).

It also comes with a fully functional server based autoresponder, that delivers your emails through the API of  Amazon SES. This means that your initial emaails WILL get through to your prospects’ “Primary” tab. The vast majority of my sites are built on Insty, including this one.

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globe_1_32x32Domain Name Registration

You will of course need to register a domain name; as you grow, you will need multiple ones. Namecheap, true to their name, is simply the best way to go. From domains, to SSL certificates, all offered at a reasonable price. What’s more, unlike some registrars who suspend domains when they don’t comprehend the activity on a website, NameCheap comprehends the business models of both online and offline marketers.

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While Insty offers a pretty much all-in-one solution, some may have their own webhosts and need to be able to collect leads and send out messages. Here are two of the oldest and best email marketing solutions:

AWeber: The largest and oldest email marketing platform in the industry. Helping over 120,000+ businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using AWeber’s opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years. Many of the industry’s biggest names are longtime AWeber clients, as well as many Fortune 500 companies., and all for one reason: they deliver.


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GetResponse is a feature-rich email marketing solution, fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists (1 million+ subscribers). For over 10 years, it has provided easy-to-use, self-service applications and expert support for creating and managing email and video marketing campaigns, newsletters, and autoresponders that convert contacts into customers. Through responsible and fully automated list hygiene, anti-spam practices and established relationships with major Internet and Email Service Providers, GetResponse has maintained the highest possible deliverability standards for over a decade, ensuring that our customers’ messages deliver the highest possible return on their email marketing investment.

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icon-membersSales Pages/Squeeze Pages/Membership Sites

ProfitsTheme: This all in one WordPress membership site solution allows you to create sales pages, squeeze pages, true One Time Offers, protect posts, pages and downloads, drip feed content, and more. It’s very similar to the OptimizePress suite for those familiar with that software. I also use OptimizePress, and InstaMember (for software products; they have a very easy to use licensing feature), but this is the theme I truly prefer.

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MovieVideo Creation Software

 JVZoo Video Pro: Not so much a video creation platform as it is a video hosting platform extraordinaire. Host, convert, watermark, add call to actions, email forms, customize the player, create video landing pages, embed on html pages, add to WordPress pages…and so much more!!


There are really two ways to go about meeting your graphics needs; pay for them, or create your own.

GFX-1 :  GFX-1 are quite simply the lowest cost, highest quality graphic designers on the net… Bar NONE! Have you ever wondered where all the BIG ‘gurus’ get their Top Quality website designs from?  Well, a lot of BIG marketers get their designs from a place that they trust to come up with the goods…


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Smart Graphic Designer: The other avenue is to do it yourself, but design tools such as Photoshop come with high price tags, and free alternatives such as GIMP have even more difficult learning curves. What if I told you that you can start creating colorful graphics for your business with a few clicks of your mouse and without hiring expensive graphic artists?

Even better, you can do it without downloading any type of software at all?

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